Have you used an SSTV decoding application on an up-to-date version of macOS? Which one, and if you built from source, can you share the steps you took to do so?

I do not know of a single working macOS application for SSTV decoding. I've been playing SSTV signals over my Mac's speakers, captured with my RTL-SDR dongle, and using Robo36 on an Android phone to decode the image, as has everyone else I know, but this comes with additional problems. There have been instances of engine-noise (or even the occasional donkey bray) introducing unwanted artifacts in the decoded image.

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    $\begingroup$ There's no rule written down that says so, but in my own opinion as a moderator, "does this software even (usably) exist" is a reasonable question because it's "is it possible to do this" not "choose the best one of these" — the problem with recommendation questions is that there are too many answers which are mostly "yes, X is the best" — they can't be ranked on quality of explanation. That said, might I suggest reframing your question slightly as "How can I decode SSTV with only MacOS software?" $\endgroup$ – Kevin Reid AG6YO Aug 2 '19 at 15:37

MultiScan 3B works fine in terms of decoding. This being said I had some issues making it work with my external sound card for transmitting SSTV. For some reason transmitted images turned out to be cropped. I accidentally figured this out using cqsstv.com.

Eventually I ended up using a Linux laptop and QSSTV software. Still if you are interested only in decoding, MultiScan 3B should be OK.


MMSSTV seems to work well if installed using Wine.

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    $\begingroup$ Running Windows software under WINE is not “with only macOS software”. Downvoted. $\endgroup$ – Scott Earle Dec 28 '19 at 14:05

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