I can't find my Baofeng DM-5R in the CHIRP list of supported radios. I've been told that I should try by telling CHIRP to assume a different radio from the DM-5R - perhaps the UV-5R!? Do you know if this is a feasible option? I am able to manually program the DM-5R, but it's too onerous. Thank you.


The Baofeng Tech download page says:

At this time our DMR radios are not compatible with CHIRP; you will need to use the OEM software to update and program your BTECH DMR radios.

Here's a CHIRP "issue" (actually a feature request), which is open and not complete, to add support for the DM-5R. It seems clear, unfortunately, that CHIRP doesn't yet support the DM-5R. However, the Baofeng Tech download page does offer OEM software to program the radio. I'd suggest trying that as an alternative.

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