I am brand new to AX25 on a Raspberry Pi with a TNC-Pi and Baofeng UV5R.

I have a BBS at WE1CT-4 which is line of sight at 3 miles. Do I just axcall 1 WE1CT-4. and the BBS will magically appear (if its active)?


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Assuming that you have:

  • correctly connected your Baofeng to the TNC
  • installed the AX25-tools and AX25-apps
  • configured /etc/ax25/axports with your call and the baud rate
  • attached the serial port to the AX.25 system using kissattach

then you may first want to listen for AX25 traffic on that frequency by typing:

 sudo axlisten –a

Finally, you can connect to the BBC by typing:

 axcall 1 WE1CT-4

There should be a short pause and then you will see the splash screen from the BBS.


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