I have a Nanostation router that is part of a mesh, and a wifi router connected to it, which I can get to http://localnode.local.mesh:8080/cgi-bin/mesh now that I turn off the wifi router's DHCP - Nanostation gets all the local nodes, and I can see it on normal non-ham-frequency normal wifi router without going into the old outbuilding it is set up in.

However, the wifi is too weak and I want to put a repeater of wifi signal so I can reach it without walking all the way over right next to the outbuilding. I have a second non-ham-frequency router that came with OpenWrt, which has a usb port for sharing, and repeater mode. When I use it as a repeater, however, I can reach the AREDN mesh node by its IP but not by the .mesh local address.

Is there a way I must set up the second (or even a third) normal wifi repeater router to go to the first router's .mesh addresses directly? And second, what is the best way to provide a few files on usb to the mesh through a OpenWrt router - perhaps Apache/Nginx module built for it? - and is it compatible to have second router set up for both of these functions? I assume the instructions here are probably still relevant?


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