CD-audio has a bandwidth of 22kHz. CW usually has a bandwidth between 3 to 5 kHz.

But I am wondering what is the bandwidth my Icom IC-910H can listen to in both, the SSB and the FM mode?

Also, what is the Bandwidth, the Icom IC-910H can transmit in USB and in FM? Can the bandwidth be adjusted somehow?


According to Icom's description, the receiver's bandwidth is


SSB, CW More than 2.8 kHz/-6dB; Less than 4.2 kHz/-60 dB

FM More than 15.0 kHz/-6dB; Less than 30 kHz/-60 dB

FM-N*2 More than 6.0 kHz/-6dB; Less than 18 kHz/-60 dB

A CW signal has a bandwidth of about 200 Hz. Therefore, a narrower CW filter would significantly help the signal-to-noise ratio.


FL-132 is for the main band; FL-133 is for the sub band operation. Center frequency: 10.8491 MHz (FL-132); 10.9491 MHz (FL-133). Passband width: 500 Hz/-6dB.

The instructions for installing the filter is in the instruction manual:

Optional filter installation

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