The grounded-grid amplifier that I am looking at requires 1100 volts Max.

  • How do I safely deliver this rated voltage without getting hurt?
  • Should I consider a alternative amplifier?

By request here are the specs of the amp.

  • It is dual tube ground grid amp.
  • Wattage is expected up in the hundreds.
  • Square tuned cavity.
  • Amp will be coupled to a wave guide system.
  • Operates in the MHZ region.
  • Details in the 1976 amateur radio handbook pages 228 - 231.
  • Power supply will be designed into the overall unit and will not be home brewed.

My intent with the amp is that it plays a central part in this design that i am working on. Power will be delivered via separate power source. The applications will be bountiful, currently, I am in the design phase, I cannot yet be able to operate.

For the sake of it, I want to add this. My intent with the amp was to be used as part of a unit that will be designed for Data transmission via a wave guide system.

The reason why I came here for help was that the amp came from an radio handbook the overall unit will be built as part of a radio unit.

If this is intended to be in the electrical engineering, then put it their.

If anyone can propose a alternative amp I will be fine with that. The only thing that I am worried about is the amount of voltage that I have to generate is mind blowing.

Is their something missing that is needed to put up that people need so this question can be answered?

  • why do you wish to use it? power output, low cost, or what? – niels nielsen Oct 30 at 0:19
  • Are you planning to build (aka home-brew) a power supply or something else? It might be useful to describe the amplifier, give it's specifications, and so forth. – K7PEH Nov 3 at 15:25
  • You say "...applications will be bountiful" -- I was assuming the application was amplifying an RF signal from a transmitter of sorts given this is an amateur radio forum. But, maybe you should list some of these applications. Also, for a power amplifier delivering power in the 100s of watts, an HV of 1100 volts might be considered modest by many home-brewers. My home-brew power amp I built in high-school (~1964) used an HV of 3000 volts. – K7PEH Nov 3 at 23:07

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