I have an interest in studying and researching how radio technology can be used in other fields of electronics. What kind of license should I look into so I can carry out some experiments or research?


Inherently this is to broad. my interest is Data propagation in Radio contexts if this is not fit for this website then someone preferably a moderator move it.

Edit #2:

My intent was to expiriment with Ham radio equipment to research viable Data networking and create equipment off of it

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    This is an amateur radio site, I guess people are going to suggest you get an amateur radio license. – Phil Frost - W8II Oct 21 at 2:24
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    The Internet is international, and this sort of thing varies by country, so stating in which country you live (assuming that's where you will conduct your experiments) will be of help. – Jim MacKenzie VE5EV Oct 21 at 4:37
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    What aspects of radio technology are you interested in? It's quite a broad topic! We can better tailor our answers if you give us some specifics or some examples of things that you might like to do with radio technology. (Please edit your question rather than reply with a comment.) – rclocher3 Oct 22 at 16:23
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    By "data propagation" do you mean the physical propagation of (information-carrying) radio waves? Or do you mean matters of transferring digital data over radio? Or…? – Kevin Reid AG6YO yesterday

You may be able to conduct your research on one or more of the "ISM" bands, set aside for industrial, scientific and medical research without a license. Though there are some regional variations, most of the bands can be used worldwide.

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