I have a Baofeng UV-5R, but no USB programming cable. I also have a Baofeng BF-888S with a USB cable. Is it safe to use the 888S cable on the UV5R?

I was able to find a cable description on the Baofeng site, but it does not list the compatible models.


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Yes, it's compatible.

According to baofengradio.us, the compatible models are

  • UV-5R and UV-5R V2+
  • BF-F8+ and BF-F9 V2+
  • UV-82 and UV-82 V2+
  • BF-888S and the ATR-22
  • 997-S

With that information, I have connected the UV-5R and I was able to use the Chirp software with it.


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