A ham I know who is antenna-challenged logs onto an Internet site where he has QSOs with other licensed hams worldwide via his computer's microphone and speakers.

He says "it's just like being on HF", and he loves it! But I'll be darned if I can remember what it is. It's not Echolink, not digital, and no RF is used. Anyone know the URL?

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The service I have heard of that simulates HF communications is HamSphere [Wikipedia article]. It is a paid service.

I think there might be another similar site but that's all I remember.

  • That's it! I searched some old emails from him for that term. Sadly, his mind is going. – Mike Waters Aug 9 at 20:06
  • From his email: "I have just started on Hamsphere 4 and having a great time. It is really very realistic. And so much simpler, or at least less hassle, than the real radio." – Mike Waters Aug 9 at 20:08
  • Some people just like to live in virtual reality :) – Pedja YT9TP Aug 15 at 6:01
  • @PedjaYT9TP Well, I'd just like to have someone to talk to during the day. My antennas currently limit me to 75m, and and there's no one on then. – Mike Waters Aug 17 at 2:39
  • I just asked a question about this in chat. If anyone has ever used it, kindly post your experience with Hamsphere there. – Mike Waters Aug 17 at 3:27

ECHOLINK may be the internet service being used.

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