I have created a software (gnuradio) that performs modulation/demodulation and supports a number of modulation schemes and error correcting codes. I'm in the process of evaluating the BER vs SNR for this software by using a secondary industrial-grade hardware. This device can measure the BER. Unfortunately, the device does not have the capability of measuring the input signal SNR, which means I have to measure it manually. At the moment, I'm thinking of using a spectrum analyzer. Basically, I will compare the signal level relative to the noise floor and derive the SNR (simple subtraction since everything is in dBs). However, I was looking for suggestions on more elegant methods of doing this and what type of hardware would be required.

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    $\begingroup$ Is this some kind of lab setup with a known message and a simulated AWGN channel? In that case it's not usually necessary to measure the SNR since the signal and noise powers can be read right off the test equipment. $\endgroup$ Aug 8 '18 at 0:57
  • $\begingroup$ The message is known. The RF signal is transmitted through an SMA cable so the noise is a physical one. $\endgroup$ Aug 8 '18 at 14:57

FLDigi will calculate the SNR for a PSK31 signal based on the spectrum scope.


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