The 'plating material' materials and constants of the Single-Layer Helical Round Wire Coil Inductor Calculator appear wired-in. There appears no 'un-plated' option.

How to use this calculator to work with un-plated magnet wire?


Notice that the calculator does not require an input for the material characteristics of the underlying wire but rather only the plating. This is a clear indication that the author expects the AC current to be fully contained within the skin material. This would be plausible given the skin effect of AC current.

You can select two forms of copper if your wire has no plating. Also note that the pull down material selector pre-populates the conductivity and permeability fields as a matter of convenience. You may manually populate these fields for other materials.

If you are using common solid copper wire, annealed copper would be a suitable choice.

The website is authored by Serge Stroobandt, ON4AA as indicated on the homepage.

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