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Top new questions this week:

ISS repeater on a Baofeng?

I know people have RECEIVED a signal from the ISS on a Baofeng UV-5R, but I'm interested in TRANSMITTING. I'm going to be using a Baofeng UV-5RTP (basically an 8W UV-5R) with a Nagoya NA-771 that ...

vhf baofeng  
user avatar asked by Spaceboy1010 Score of 2
user avatar answered by Nilpo Score of 5

Phase detection accuracy with USRP N210 and CBX-40

I have designed a simple TX/RX system in GRC with a single USRP N210 and CBX-40. I am transmitting sinusoidal signals at various frequencies within the 2-6GHz range and detecting the amplitude and ...

software-defined-radio receiver gnuradio usrp dsp  
user avatar asked by Fati Score of 1
user avatar answered by Marcus Müller Score of 1

Greatest hits from previous weeks:

How to convert a Morse Code Message/QSO from Mp3 file into text?

I tried to use both: Cwget CW decoder But neither one worked. Can you recommend a tool or an alternative approach to decode a Morse message saved as an Mp3 file?

user avatar asked by MedAli Score of 5
user avatar answered by Adam Davis Score of 3

Converting WPM to CPM

I'm using an Anroid app for learning CW. In Germany, it's common to define the speed in CPM ("characters per minute", or German BPM for "Buchstaben pro Minute). However, the Morse trainer I use ...

user avatar asked by Thomas DK3TU Score of 2
user avatar answered by Thomas DK3TU Score of 4

How the Coaxial Collinear Antenna Works?

A length of coaxial cable radiates negligible amount of RF. Same length, if cut into pieces of length (λ/2 * VF), and these pieces joined again cross-connected (i.e. core of a piece to shield of ...

antenna antenna-theory coaxial-cable  
user avatar asked by abcd567 Score of 3
user avatar answered by Marcus Müller Score of 4

Baofeng UV 9R Handheld programming

I have a Baofeng UV 9R Handheld that I just recently bought and received in the mail brand new, however as much as I like this handheld device I am maxed out with frustration as far as manual ...

baofeng radio-programming  
user avatar asked by Sebastian Masters Score of 6
user avatar answered by rclocher3 Score of 9

Using 75 Ω instead of 50 Ω coax feed

Can I replace my old 50 Ω coax with RG6? It's cheaper and less loss at VHF/UHF. I would match by L/2 multiples of coax to repeat input and output impedance or L/C matching networks at each end. Is ...

coaxial-cable antenna-system impedance-matching  
user avatar asked by R Johnson Score of 3
user avatar answered by Phil Frost - W8II Score of 5

How can one convert from Lat/Long to Grid Square?

I see that many contests, awards, and other items, use Grid Squares as a means to identify where one is. How can one figure out what one's grid square is, given lat/long?

location maidenhead-locator  
user avatar asked by PearsonArtPhoto Score of 28
user avatar answered by PearsonArtPhoto Score of 28

How do I troubleshoot a Baofeng UV-5R that won't receive?

I have a couple of Baofeng UV-5R radios. I have a profile in Chirp that works great on one of them, and I foolishly pushed that profile straight over to a UV-5R without checking firmware versions. ...

baofeng ht equipment-troubleshooting uv-5r chirp  
user avatar asked by Benson Score of 12
user avatar answered by Benson Score of 13
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