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Top new questions this week:

Two different dipoles attached to three trees

I wish to erect two separate antennas, one 20 meter dipole and one 40 meter dipole. My property has 3 trees that are the correct distance apart from each other. They are oriented such that when the ...

antenna-theory antenna-construction dipole  
user avatar asked by Tony565 Score of 2
user avatar answered by Dave Tweed N3AOA Score of 1

Meteor scattering with RTL-SDR RTL2832U

What type of antenna and frequency is best for meteor scattering? I have a RTL-SDR RTL2832U DVB-T tuner dongle and would like to learn how to use it.

antenna software-defined-radio  
user avatar asked by Robert Score of 1

Will a LPF filter on the transmitter prevent CW key clicks?

Reading about key clicks, it would seem that they are primarily caused by the fact that the square wave of turning the key on and off must, by definition, have higher frequency harmonics, which sound ...

rfi cw transmitter filter waves  
user avatar asked by SRobertJames Score of 1
user avatar answered by Marcus Müller Score of 0

What are the electrical properties and connectors of a CW key?

I'm working on a simple homebrew design and want to connect a CW key to it. (The basic design can use a simple built in pushbutton key, but I'd like to be able to purchase a proper key and use it as ...

diy cw electronics connectors  
user avatar asked by SRobertJames Score of 1
user avatar answered by glen_geek Score of 4

Greatest hits from previous weeks:

What is a waterfall display?

High-end transceivers apparently come equipped with a water-fall display - something to do with improved spectrum visibility. This is supposed to lead to potentially higher QSO count and rate. What ...

transceiver equipment  
user avatar asked by VU2NHW Score of 9
user avatar answered by user Score of 14

What is the aperture efficiency of an antenna?

For reflector antennas, I see a number called aperture efficiency. What does it mean?

antenna antenna-theory antenna-reflector  
user avatar asked by Score of 5
user avatar answered by K7PEH Score of 4

Baofeng UV-9R Chirp Pinout

I'm searching the pinout of the Baofeng UV-9R to programm it with Chirp.

baofeng radio-programming  
user avatar asked by itshorty Score of 1
user avatar answered by itshorty Score of 2

What is the difference between channel & frequency & band in RF?

I am reading about wireless networks basics. I found three terms I cannot find exact definition for: channel, frequency band, frequency. Can anyone give exact definitions for them?

frequency jargon  
user avatar asked by ashok Score of 12
user avatar answered by Kevin Reid AG6YO Score of 17

Bandwidth of a CW signal?

What is the RF bandwidth of a typical CW signal? How is the signal bandwidth affected by WPM and/or transmitter rise-time? What is the narrowest bandwidth that can still be copied by a human? Or ...

user avatar asked by hotpaw2 Score of 13
user avatar answered by Phil Frost - W8II Score of 15

WSJT-X V2: How to identify stations already logged?

In V1.9 of WSJT-X, there was a feature that allowed one to change the color of stations already logged. This was necessary in knowing whether or not to respond to a given CQ. In version 2, I am ...

digital-modes software ft8  
user avatar asked by MarqTwine Score of 3
user avatar answered by Cecil - W5DXP Score of 3

What's the pinout for "Kenwood" 2.5mm TRS/3.5 mm TRS connector?

I've seen many Chinese HTs (Baofeng, Puxing, Wouxun, QuanSheng etc.) using the so-called "Kenwood connector", which has a 2.5 mm TRS connector and a 3.5 mm TRS connector. It looks something like this: ...

connectors kenwood  
user avatar asked by AndrejaKo Score of 21
user avatar answered by captcha Score of 20
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