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Top new questions this week:

Is an off-center fed dipole (and/or doublet) inherently unbalanced?

Does a balun/choke have to "work harder" in an off-center fed dipole than when the feedpoint is at the center? Or do the standing waves that develop keep the antenna balanced electrically ...

antenna-theory wire-antenna balun  
asked by natevw - AF7TB Score of 2
answered by Andrew Score of 3

Help on identifying signal type and extract audio from a signal

I Just recorded a signal using SDR++ and RTL-SDR. The signal seems to be normal audio but I cannot extract clear audio from it. I can recognize speech and tones even without any demodulation so I ...

signal-identification audio  
asked by Ariyan Score of 2
answered by hobbs - KC2G Score of 5

Baofeng Orange Transmit light comes on by itself (triggered by sound)

I have a BTech UV-5X3 and if I yell or blow into the mic, the transmit lights (red indicator light and orange backlight) come on as though I'm hitting the PTT button. Is this normal and am I actually ...

baofeng uv-5r  
asked by Jacob Baldwin Score of 1
answered by clvrmnky Score of 2

Greatest hits from previous weeks:

How do I legally use a Baofeng UV-5R radio for communication?

I'm new to radios. Only ever used them for squad communication in airsoft. I have two Baofeng UV-5R handhelds and would like to use them this week to communicate on a family camping trip with no cell ...

united-states legal license uv-5r  
asked by Rwstahl12 Score of 6
answered by Kevin Reid AG6YO Score of 10

How would I modify a satellite dish to transmit and/or receive to a Baofeng UV-5r plus? ( A handheld transceiver) If it's possible

I have an old satellite dish just lying around and was wondering how to hook it up to my baofeng uv-5r plus.

ht antenna-construction  
asked by Sudo_Cats Score of 9
answered by Paul Score of 13

Difference between Boefeng UV-5RE Plus and UV-5

I bought a Baofeng UV-5RE Plus, which presumably is an improved version of the basic UV-5. There is lots of information online on the UV-5. Any idea where I can find out what are the differences and ...

transceiver uv-5r  
asked by EEd Score of 3
answered by W8AWT Score of 5

Can a Baofeng UV-5R+ be used on FRS, GMRS, and MURS?

Is this secure if I was talking to another Baofeng UV-5R+?

united-states legal frequency security murs  
asked by Webhobo Score of 3
answered by James Score of 5

If I receive an SOS signal, what is the proper response?

My 5-year old son loves sending out an SOS signal using a toy Morse code generator (wired, don't worry about false alarms for real authorities). He has learned to send the SOS signal and was asking ...

cw procedure emergency  
asked by Hanky Panky Score of 16
answered by Zeiss Ikon Score of 11

Baofeng UV-9R Chirp Pinout

I'm searching the pinout of the Baofeng UV-9R to programm it with Chirp.

baofeng radio-programming  
asked by itshorty Score of 1
answered by itshorty Score of 2

Bandwidth of a CW signal?

What is the RF bandwidth of a typical CW signal? How is the signal bandwidth affected by WPM and/or transmitter rise-time? What is the narrowest bandwidth that can still be copied by a human? Or ...

asked by hotpaw2 Score of 12
answered by Phil Frost - W8II Score of 12
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