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Top new questions this week:

How to estimate input and output impedance of an amplifier?

I'm trying to figure out how to design power amplifiers which input and output are properly matched to 50 Ohm. My thinking was that the most bullet proofed approach would be to model an amplifier in ...

diy electronics impedance-matching  
asked by Aleksander Alekseev - R2AUK 5 votes

How do I know if my coax connectors are good?

In installed a couple of compression style PL-259 connectors to the ends of RG8/U FOAM coax. It's about 16 feet in length. Here is an example of one of the connectors: How do I know if the coax is ...

coaxial-cable connectors pl259-so239-connector  
asked by Paul 4 votes
answered by Marcus Müller 3 votes

Does the output of a BFO for a short wave receiver have to be exactly a sine wave?

I want to build an external beat frequency oscillator (BFO) for an old valve Eddystone receiver I have. There are many circuits for BFOs on the internet, they are mostly similar, the idea seems simple ...

receiver ssb  
asked by Andrew 3 votes
answered by Marcus Müller 5 votes

how to set the CFO standard deviation in CFO models

I need some help with a simple thing. I am trying to simulate carrier frequency offset model for Bluetooth Low Energy standard in GNURadio (I am bit new to this). For this purpose, there is a CFO ...

asked by Yuxuan 1 vote

What is an Audio Peaking Filter?

What is an Audio Peaking Filter? And how might that be different from an ordinary (narrow) CW bandpass filter, or from tunable audio filters (with fully configurable upper and lower cutoffs)? Does a ...

cw filter audio  
asked by hotpaw2 1 vote
answered by hobbs - KC2G 1 vote

Greatest hits from previous weeks:

How To Join Packet Radio BBS

I'm a complete newbie here, and on the Southeast Coast of the USA. I don't even own a ham radio yet. Some preppers and I got to talking about a dystopian time of Internet collapse where shortwave ...

united-states receiver transmitter packet  
asked by Radio1 12 votes
answered by JSH 8 votes

International characters in Morse Code?

Does the official International Morse code include alphabetic characters other than the 26 letters of the English alphabet? If so, what are the most common other alphabets or characters that one ...

asked by hotpaw2 7 votes
answered by Phil Frost - W8II 8 votes

Can I build a radio telescope out of a parabolic TV satellite dish?

I have the possibility to buy a very inexpensive 2.4m parabolic satellite dish and I would like to build a radio telescope from it. Originally this dish was designed to be a satellite TV antenna. ...

antenna antenna-construction satellites  
asked by SP5RFD 20 votes
answered by Glenn W9IQ 16 votes

Trouble communicating between Baofeng and Midland walkies

I'm very new to walkies and radios, and I know next to nothing. My friends and I bought a box of Baofeng 888s radios (which apparently also go by quite a few other names and manufacturers) and I'm ...

united-states baofeng tone-squelch frs  
asked by Ezratic 2 votes
answered by Craig K 4 votes

What's a cost-effective way to boost the range of my cheap 2m/70cm handheld?

I'm a very casual/beginner level ham and as such have mostly avoided committing too much in the way of financial resources - I have a UV-5R for a personal radio, anything else I do I've used others' ...

antenna vhf uhf ht uv-5r  
asked by Amber 26 votes
answered by Dinesh Cyanam 14 votes

How can I safely transmit without an antenna tuner or SWR meter?

Just what the title says. An Antenna Tuner, henceforth AT, is almost a de facto piece of equipment in a shack; working the bands without one is tantamount to leaping off the diving board into a ...

antenna impedance antenna-tuner  
asked by VU2NHW 13 votes
answered by Adam Davis 6 votes

Why is Morse Code still in use?

Why do people still use Morse Code? What are its advantages over newer Voice or Data communication modes?

modes cw  
asked by Timtech 60 votes
answered by scruss 71 votes
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