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Top new questions this week:

Do these look like amateur radio antennas?

I am planning to move into a new apartment, and of course would like to install a HF antenna there, on the roof if possible. Today I noticed a small Yagi antenna on the roof of the building , more ...

antenna hf wire-antenna yagi end-fed-antenna  
asked by Engineer999 5 votes
answered by tomnexus 13 votes

How much attenuation (dB) from a balun is actually needed?

I'm building a dipole antenna for 433 MHz, first one ever. I will have to use a ferrite bead to balance the feed, however how much dB attenuation should I expect from the ferrite.

antenna balun choke-balun  
asked by AllYourBaseAreBelongToUs 5 votes
answered by tomnexus 5 votes

FT8 etiquette when no reply after responding to CQ?

When you respond to an FT8 CQ and the other side doesn't respond after a couple of your transmissions, what is proper etiquette? (Assuming you're working split and not transmitting on his receive ...

ft8 etiquette  
asked by QuantumMechanic 5 votes
answered by David Hoelzer 3 votes

Coaxial cable identification

Is there a way to identify this coaxial cable? I am interested in model and parameters such as epsilon, diameters etc. There is nothing written.

asked by Petr Polovodov 2 votes
answered by tomnexus 3 votes

What kind of wire would be good for a 160m - 40m fan dipole?

I want to know the best copper wire or tinned copper wire for a fan dipole for 160, 75, 40 meters. It would be coax fed and I would like it to handle 1500 watts or more. I would like 65/30 strands of ...

antenna-construction wire-antenna dipole  
asked by Paul 1 vote

How to apply for the ARRL WAC award?

I've managed (thank you FT8!) to have LOTW-confirmed contacts with the 6 applicable continents. However, on reading the ARRL page for the WAC award it says that you have to apply on paper and that ...

dx lotw wac  
asked by QuantumMechanic 1 vote
answered by rclocher3 1 vote

Grounding on second floor

I need to ground an upper floor shack, but I do not know very much about grounding. I have a Pathfinder dipole by Radio Wavz and I don't believe I need any RF grounding, but as for safety and ...

asked by KO4PYO 1 vote
answered by Jack0220 0 votes

Greatest hits from previous weeks:

Are Baofeng radios illegal in the U.S?

Having a low price budget, my search for my first ham radio to buy has led me towards Baofeng. A quick Google search on baofeng showed a lot of results that said that certain model baofeng handhelds ...

united-states legal baofeng ht fcc  
asked by hopefulhacker-Reinstate Monica 10 votes
answered by Mike Waters 16 votes

Can a Baofeng UV-5R Display Both Name and Frequency Simultaneously?

The Baofeng UV-5R style radios have a 2 line display that can display the Name, Frequency, OR Number of the selected memory location for each of 2 memory locations. Is it possible to display the Name ...

asked by Lance 5 votes
answered by Edwin van Mierlo 6 votes

Is free space path loss dependent on frequency?

Free space path loss is calculated as: $$ \left( 4 \pi df \over c \right)^2 $$ The presence of $f$ in this equation means that losses increase with increasing frequency, so there's an inherent ...

propagation math  
asked by Phil Frost - W8II 16 votes
answered by Phil Frost - W8II 21 votes

How far can a 2.4 GHz, 1 watt signal go in a rural area?

What's the approximate range achievable by a 2.4 GHz signal of 1 watt in semi-urban areas? I can see 2 km from our rooftop. Will a 2.4 GHz signal go that far, i.e. if I send WiFi signals from our ...

propagation wifi line-of-sight  
asked by user40713 8 votes
answered by Rory Alsop 10 votes

Baofeng UV-9R Chirp Pinout

I'm searching the pinout of the Baofeng UV-9R to programm it with Chirp.

baofeng radio-programming  
asked by itshorty 1 vote
answered by itshorty 2 votes

What does a noise blanker really do, and what are the side effects?

Most HF rigs have a noise blanker (NB) feature. It does reduce some types of noise (car ignition noise and such). How does it really work? I've read it has negative side-effects with strong signals, ...

hf noise-blanker  
asked by oh7lzb 17 votes
answered by Phil Frost - W8II 15 votes

How To Join Packet Radio BBS

I'm a complete newbie here, and on the Southeast Coast of the USA. I don't even own a ham radio yet. Some preppers and I got to talking about a dystopian time of Internet collapse where shortwave ...

united-states receiver transmitter packet  
asked by Radio1 12 votes
answered by JSH 10 votes
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