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Top new questions this week:

FCC sends "Notice of Dismissal" with quite threatening language just for denial of a vanity callsign?

I had applied for a vanity callsign which wasn't available. That was in March. The FCC license system shows my old callsign is still in effect. Today, after a longer absence from my mail, I open a &...

fcc authorization  
asked by Gunther Schadow 18 votes
answered by Phil Frost - W8II 37 votes

NanoVNA(v2)... what to capture for future reference when comparing past antennas?

I'm designing a HF antenna that uses a portion of a downspout (electrically isolated from the gutters above and lower portion) as a bottom-loaded shortened quarter-wave vertical. I'm about to trim the ...

asked by Bitbang3r 3 votes
answered by hobbs - KC2G 6 votes

Audio Interface wiring diagram of Yaesu FT-65 TNC cable

I want to imitate this cable, but I don't know-how. Yaesu FT-65 TNC cable. Is it need to series a resistor inside of those?

yaesu audio tnc wiring  
asked by Jerome Lique 1 vote

Greatest hits from previous weeks:

Trouble communicating between Baofeng and Midland walkies

I'm very new to walkies and radios, and I know next to nothing. My friends and I bought a box of Baofeng 888s radios (which apparently also go by quite a few other names and manufacturers) and I'm ...

united-states baofeng tone-squelch frs  
asked by Ezratic 2 votes
answered by Craig K 4 votes

Should I chose a vertical or a horizontal HF antenna?

If I only have the budget for one HF antenna, should I chose a vertical or a horizontal antenna?

antenna vertical-antenna hf polarization  
asked by Timtech 17 votes
answered by on4aa 8 votes

Why does the audio on my FM transceiver cut out every 5.5 seconds?

Specifically, my Icom ID-4100a. What's interesting, is that this happens in MR and VFO modes... but NOT when using the built-in WX stations. For example listening to WX-01 (162.550 MHz), no problem. ...

receiver fm equipment-operation icom weather  
asked by webmarc 13 votes
answered by webmarc 27 votes

What bands and modes will give me voice at 3,000 miles?

I pursued Amateur Radio primarily for local emergency communications and as part of my electronics education. My only radio right now is an inexpensive 2m/70cm HT which is good for local weather ...

hf propagation phone range  
asked by Adam Davis 16 votes
answered by PearsonArtPhoto 18 votes

What is dBm and why is it used rather than watts?

Reading through an RF power amplifier datasheet, I found the sheet only referenced dBm output power, rather than watts. What is dBm? How do I convert it to watts? Why, or when, would you use dBm to ...

rf-power jargon equipment-design amplifier  
asked by Adam Davis 11 votes
answered by Kevin Reid AG6YO 13 votes

Baofeng UV 9R Handheld programming

I have a Baofeng UV 9R Handheld that I just recently bought and received in the mail brand new, however as much as I like this handheld device I am maxed out with frustration as far as manual ...

baofeng radio-programming  
asked by Sebastian Masters 6 votes
answered by rclocher3 9 votes

FCC tracking of unlicensed FRS/GMRS transmissions

If a transceiver such as the BaoFeng UV-5R is used to transmit over FRS/GMRS frequencies (unlicensed), it is illegal in the United States due to FCC regulations that state that the power must be <0....

united-states legal fcc frs  
asked by J. Taylor 12 votes
answered by natevw - AF7TB 9 votes
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