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Top new questions this week:

RF Bridge Problem - K6BEZ Antenna Analyzer

(New, simplified edit of the original question) This question regards erroneous SWR measurements of K6BEZ antenna analyzer design from 2013 using Arduino and AD9850 DDS modules. There have been many ...

hf diy measurement swr-meter  
asked by Peter Buxton 3 votes
answered by Peter Buxton 2 votes

Turning raw APT data into an image

I apologize if this question is a little out of scope for the amateur radio stack exchange but I feel like it fit better here than over in any other forum. I have successfully parsed raw PCM data out ...

software-defined-radio software-development dsp  
asked by CL40 3 votes
answered by ElectroNeutrino 2 votes

What kind of loop antenna is this, and what is the relationship between its diameter and wavelength?

At the bottom of webpages in the advertisement swamps I keep seeing this image of an antenna, accompanied by an offer that I won't be clicking on. But the antenna itself looks quite intriguing. It's ...

antenna antenna-theory  
asked by uhoh 3 votes
answered by hobbs - KC2G 4 votes

Actual Impedence of a folded dipole at resonance

I am using a Folded Dipole which I bought when I first got my General License. It was advertised as an all band antenna. My results with it were less than the claims made by the makers to say the ...

antenna-theory antenna-system balun  
asked by Tom Horne W3TDH 3 votes
answered by Phil Frost - W8II 4 votes

Greatest hits from previous weeks:

What bands and modes will give me voice at 3,000 miles?

I pursued Amateur Radio primarily for local emergency communications and as part of my electronics education. My only radio right now is an inexpensive 2m/70cm HT which is good for local weather ...

hf propagation phone range  
asked by Adam Davis 16 votes
answered by PearsonArtPhoto 18 votes

Where year 2016 falls in the sun spot cycle for HF propagation?

Are we now at the good or bad portion of the 11 years cycle? What effect are we seeing now? How large (strong/deep) is the effect during the peak and bottom of cycle? What will change in coming years? ...

hf propagation sunspots  
asked by EEd 6 votes
answered by Hamsterdave 7 votes

Can my neighbor's ham radio antenna be interfering with my internet signal or is my internet provider just throwing blame elsewhere?

My internet provider is telling me that an antenna on my neighbor's house, which he called a ham radio antenna, is interfering with my DSL internet signal. I'm not tech savvy at all, beyond what's ...

asked by Vanessa 32 votes
answered by Kevin Reid AG6YO 36 votes

When will my new license appear in the FCC database?

I tested and passed my Technician's test on Thursday, June 4, 2015. Approximately how long will my license take to appear in the FCC database?

license fcc  
asked by Melona380 8 votes
answered by MoTLD 10 votes

Should I ground my radio to the chassis or battery for a mobile install?

From what I've seen, there are generally two ways to power a mobile radio: Positive lead to battery, negative lead grounded to chassis Both positive and negative leads to battery I know that ...

mobile grounding dc-power  
asked by Ben 9 votes
answered by Kevin Reid AG6YO 6 votes

What's the difference between national calling frequency and national simplex calling frequency in the 2m and 70cm band plans published by ARRL?

On the 2 meter and 70 centimeter band plans published by the ARRL, what is the difference in intended use between the calling frequencies (144.200, 432.10 MHz) and the simplex calling frequencies ...

united-states band-plan 2m-band 70cm-band arrl  
asked by Andrew N5ITM 33 votes
answered by Andrew N5ITM 27 votes

Advantages of using Digital Code Squelch

I am trying to decide whether or not I should use a CTCSS (Continuous Tone-Coded Squelch System) or a DCS (Digital Coded Squelch) for my mini repeater I just set up. What are the advantages of using ...

rfi tone-squelch  
asked by Skyler 440 3 votes
answered by Trevor Johns 5 votes
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